Flammable works

All work that causes heat or sparks, such as welding, drying, roofing, must be carried out in accordance with fire safety requirements.
These works are known as combustible works or works involving a fire hazard.
The person who is responsible for, supervises or carries out combustible work must have a certificate of completion of the theoretical and practical parts of the training course.
After the flammable works course, a certificate valid for 5 years shall be issued which meets the requirements of insurance companies. If you wish, we will register your certificate in the ID06 system database.
Our instructors have the Swedish Brandskyddsföreningen certificate and are educated and experienced firefighters.


Course price 2800 SEK + VAT distance learning, theoretical part
Course price 3200 sec + VAT on company premises, theoretical and practical parts
Course price 300 sec + VAT for the practical part only.


Duration of the course 7 hours.



15/03 2024 – distance learning (theoretical course only, practical part can be done 6 months before or after the theoretical course).

21/03 2024 – at the company’s premises, Örkelljunga.

12/04 2024 – distance learning (theoretical course only, the practical part can be completed 6 months before or after the theoretical course).

26/04 2024 – at the company premises, Örkelljunga.

If you have more than 5 participants and you would like us to come to your place to deliver the course, please leave a request.

If you only want to do the theoretical part of the course and cannot come for the practical part due to distance, we will help you find